About Us

MyAnimeLights by Weebs for Weebs

When you’re a big fan of anime like we are, it’s kinda hard to explain to non-weebs why we have so many anime accessories around us. But when it’s practical like a LED light, well, we don’t have to!

After all, we love our anime. And while we might disagree on which anime is the best, there is one thing we all love … and that is having our favorite characters around. So, it’s time to take our bedroom rooms to the next level. And that’s why we’re here.

MyAnimeLights is ready to help you accessorize with fascinating anime lights from any of your favorite anime series.


So, get ready to show off your gaming setup fully decked out and illuminated in 3D with your favorite anime characters. Or give your bedroom a bit of life and fun with Goku, Deku, Asta, Yumeko, Light, Sakuna and so many more. Light up your bookshelf or desk with a showstopper.


This is more then just a LED Light this is your favorite anime characters brought to life!

We started just wanting to make cool anime designs for our bedrooms. Then we realized that there was a massive community of anime fans who we knew would love having these AnimeLights around as well.

Now, we’re a small business that takes immense joy in serving our community. That means awesome products that are well-made, excellent service, and a 100% delivery guarantee to make sure you’re always satisfied.


   Goals - Our goal is to light up every anime fan’s room with at least one of our AnimeLights. And to bring you a little cheer, no matter how small.

 Motivation - We wanted to make something that made it possible for us to spend time with our favorite anime characters.

 Community - When you shop with us you're not just buying something. You are joining a community of people who truly Loves Anime the way we do.

 Our Promise - Our promise to you is that we will always over-deliver, Every Day, Every Time, Every Order.


We have so much fun making these lights and spending time with our favorite anime characters. So, we know you’ll enjoy having yours around you, too.

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